Monday, May 13, 2013


While Ryan was off working, I spent a weekend with the brother, roaming around LA and doing what we do best: visiting museums.  LA is so full of art, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever visit each and every museum!  Honestly, there has to be hundreds of museums/galleries to go to, and just think right when you thought you saw everything, the exhibitions change!!

One thing I did get off my "to do list" was to go see Levitated Mass. I've been tracking this big hunk of rock ever since it made its way to LA last year, but evidently with life taking its toll, I couldn't find the right time to visit.  I do have to say I felt very small close to it, the rock itself was breathtaking and the mass of it humbled me because I was afraid that gravity will take control of the rock.

It was a wonderful weekend full of catching up and getting inspired... I do hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them.. I can't believe its really the middle of May?!!

What has inspired you this weekend and what art shows have you seen lately?  Any great ones I just HAVE TO SEE?
until next time, xoxo.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time -Thomas Merton

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