Thursday, October 27, 2011


I was on honestlywtf and I found this great post on Jaime Lacasa's apt that deserved a re-post.  OMG I love the blue with the bright colored furnishings... I recently got back into my creativity mode and I bought a red sketchbook from Urecht.  I will eventually/hopefully start collaging, drawing, designing.... but we'll see how that goes.
I also got back into the mode of the going to the gym... (which was highly needed) and I signed up for hot yoga and cycling... I guess with this cold weather and all, I've been feeling very heavy and sluggish...hence the want to be more active.  As for my current obsession, I've been obsessed with faux fur and I still haven't found my perfect black "faux fur" piece yet... still in the search...BUT if anyone finds a black "faux fur" collar piece, please let me know.  Thank you.

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