Tuesday, March 13, 2012


from left to right: Revlon Colorstay 500 Addictive Intoxiquant, 520 Brazen Desinvolte, Wet N Wild C252B Nutty, C303 Golddigger, C257A Kitten

Happy Friday!
Everyone knows how much I love my neutrals, and so I couldn't help but pick up a couple things from Revlon.  Seriously, you can never have enough neutral palettes in your makeup collection, its definitely a staple to have and its easy to throw on your everyday looks. (my favorite has to be Naked1 and Naked2)  Anyways, I recently went to CVS to pick up some feminine products and I came across 2 Revlon Colorstay palettes as well as single shades from Wet N Wild.

If you haven't tried any Wet N Wild eye shadows, I highly recommend you try them!  For $1.00-4.99 you get great shades at an affordable price.  The lasting power is great and the pigmentation is phenomenal!  The packaging though is really cheap so you don't want to travel with any of their products because they do crack and break.  Overall, the shades are pretty and Nutty is one of my favorite taupes.

I really love Revlon Colorstay nail polishes so I thought I'd give these quads a try.  My personal opinion in comparison: the pigmentation isn't as great as Wet N Wild and it definitely runs a bit sheer.  The colors themselves aren't as pretty on the skin (they are not true to color from the pan itself) and the shades do have a little sparkle in them.  Overall, its an "average" product.  I love the simplicity of their packaging and they do put together great color quads, however, I would recommend you not grabbing all of their palettes just because I know there's better out there.  I do though, want to try out their green/blue palettes just because the colors look a little bit more pigmented than then ones I picked up.    If you've tried them, definitely let me know!


  1. im a new follower and i seriously love love love your blog! sooo clean and chic

    xx jasmine

  2. Hey just wondering do you prefer CVS over Target? I used to shop at CVS often because you get points with the CVS card but I recently shopped at Target again for beauty products and I feel like I got so much more for cheaper? Do you agree?



  3. Hi Jenny! Your blog is so inspirational, I just found it :)
    Following you on Bloglovin'.


  4. I will have to give these a try, love the colors!!

    Be Frassy

  5. Love the Revlon eyeshadow sets you have!


  6. Love how it's really affordable too!

    Minted Magazine


  7. Revlon makeup look like amazing !

    Turtle <3


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