Saturday, June 02, 2012



Happy June guys!  Its a great month for extraordinary beginnings!

I wanted to share with you my Mother's Day weekend.  I took the whole Kim clan and visited the Huntington Library/Huntington Gardens.  I remember coming here with Ryan when we were first dating and I always told myself I have to come back to bring my mom here because it had so many beautiful gardens.

The place was jammed packed on Mother's Day and the Japanese Garden was restored and more beautiful than ever.  It was such a gorgeous place to be at, the sun was shining, families enjoying picnics in the grass and the walk through various gardens was breathtaking.

If you haven't been, definitely stop by, walk around and head on over to Old Town Pasadena for some light drinks and shopping.

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  1. Such pretty photos! The place looks like a great place to go to for Mother's Day, I can see why it was jampacked. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  2. you have a lovely blog...if you want we can follow each other!!!!!!!

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  3. i LOVE LOVE this place. didn't have time to visit the Japanese gardens during my last visit! definitely need to plan another trip soon. it's only 10 minutes from me!


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