Monday, July 25, 2011


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous  - Coco Chanel. 
With girls, I think there's something about make-up that absolutely fascinates us. For me however, its all about prevention, maintaining a dewy/fresh look and adding a little pop of color.  Now that I've hit my mid-twenties, I feel as though I should be using a lot less, but more. (Less makeup, but more good stuff for my skin).  For adding something to my face, I can never live without lip products: lipsticks/vaseline/lip balm...  My current obsession: lipsticks...from reds, corals, pinks, to nudes... a pop of color brings a vibrant glow to your face.
My ultimate essentials: I never leave home without sunblock on my face (SPF 70) and I absolutely never forget to put on anti wrinkle cream and Retin-A at night for a boost of collagen.
And in all, make-up is a beautiful staple and its a product girls can never live without, especially our "holy grails." Here are some pictures I found via into the gloss that I absolutely like, especially the Nars products. Enjoy!

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