Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Happy April!
So, I've been doing a lot outdoor venue searching and I came across the Redondo Beach Kite Festival.  Now you guys know that I don't travel outside of CA, but I do travel a lot inside so here is one of my great adventures.

I was so excited when I arrived to Redondo Beach because for one it was one of the very first date spots Ryan and I shared and two because the kites were phenomenal to see.  They flooded the skies and the skies had sooo much color to them, it was breathing in sense where everything looked absolutely stunning against the suns rays.  I mean, pictures cannot describe how cool this festival was.  Overall, Ryan and I loved this venture very much, and I do hope that one day all of you guys can visit the festival too!
To an awesome week!


  1. ooh all the brightly coloured kites look so gorgeous when they're all flying in the sky together! the last picture is my favourite, they do look beautiful with the sun rays :)


  2. Looks so fun! And your photos are beautiful! <3


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