Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I always get amazed how time passes by so quickly, I mean looking at my blog my last post was dated May, and it's strange how I continuously come back and promise my blog that I will be consistent... yet here I am again a couple months later....My thoughts at the moment are a little bit jumbled, but one thing I've meditated on and finally realized is that I have to stop thinking and just start doing... START NOW, NOT TOMORROW.

It might be fear, a fear of failure, a fear of not being ready, or a fear of "its not the time, just wait until its perfect..." type of internal mind-set, but I've come to the conclusion that with this fear I become dormant, lifeless and less inspired to become the person I truly need to be.  My truth becomes tainted and lost as I begin to loose faith in my own dreams.  Time, years, and dreams pass by and my tomorrow never seems to come.

With that being said, don't wait.  START NOW, NOT TOMORROW.  Push fear aside and just do it. What you do today, will matter tomorrow.   What you do today, will change tomorrow.  What you do today, will make you into that better person tomorrow.

So be strong, steadfast, fearless, and conquer your today.

I hope my internal thoughts can inspire you to do at least one thing off your list today.


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