Sunday, September 29, 2013


Weekend travels.   A couple weeks ago, I really wanted to go visit Union Station and so Ryan and I decided to walk around downtown.  We finally stopped by Olvera Street and I completely fell in love with all the vibrant colors and decorative figurines (I especially fell in love with all the ornamented skulls).

Olvera Street is quite a small street with a lot of liveliness: you have mariachi men serenading customers in the restaurants, people sitting around and eating all types of Mexican food ie.churros and tacos, and then there's street tourists like myself rustling through crowds trying to take pictures of everything they see.  

Olvera Street is a great place to visit if you are in Downtown.  You can chomp on some churros, walk across the street to Union Station and if you get hungry, you can walk a little bit further and go to Philippe's the Original to try their french dip sandwiches.  Philippe's should definitely be on your "to go" list because as Ryan says, they have the best french dip sandwiches ever!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week as we come to an end of September.  

for more info:
Olvera Street:
Philippe's the Original:

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