Tuesday, September 06, 2011


You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.
I've been lacking A LOT inspiration lately- probably due to high levels of stress from work and life in general (entering myself into a new world of study- a field of nutrition).  

Being vegetarian and very self conscious of what I eat, it just made sense to go back to school and learn/study nutrition.   Don't get me wrong, my love for art and fashion will never fade, but I feel like there is something else "missing.... in my life."  My other (one of thousands) lifetime goals I would say is to save the world by teaching people how to be healthy, stay healthy, and eat healthy.   Thus, that is why I believe I am one step closer in fulfilling my goal to "save the world by teaching people how to eat right."  I honestly think this new degree will fulfill one of my goals/purpose for the moment being... 

In light of just reading nutrition book after nutrition book and being obsessed with food documentaries on netflix, I've fallen off the inspiration band wagon.

To get my self back on track however, I went to Blick and bought a pretty red sketch book so I can fill the white pages with inspirational pictures. Some pictures I found from honestlywtf.com to get me started.

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