Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Can Zara get any better than this? OMG I'm so obsessed with over-sized knitted sweaters right now, it feels like I get gasmic every time I see them.  (You know, that Zara burgundy knit that everyone has in their closet? Yeah, that one.)  But I also can across this yellow knit and I must say, I really do love it.

I've commented on so many fashion blogger's posts and asked them, what is their must have item?  Everyone agreed.  The must have item this fall/winter: the knitted over-sized sweater! Pair it with colored jeans, a maxi, a skirt, leather pants, boyfriend shorts.. you name it.. it gives your outfit a carefree look, like you just stepped out of the house...its just effortless beauty...

Check out more outfits on: Zara- US

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