Monday, May 07, 2012


Hello and Happy Monday!

Its seriously all about the products you use to have healthy, shiny, awesomeness hair.  I for one love to try new hair and skin products and I've recently changed out a lot of my products for more "natural" products.  Since I am getting older, I've realized that with age, its all about the ingredients that keep you youthful.  These are some of the pre-natural products that I've enjoyed and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Right now, I'm about to finish up on my Aveda Air Control hairspray- which I love because it doesn't have that nasty hairspray smell and its super light weight, so if you want some hold- spray a little, if you want maximum hold- spray a whole lot more.  It also has no flakiness so you can brush through it without having white stuff all over your hair!  I also really enjoyed Aveda's phomollient- it definitely keeps your roots volumed up!

About a month ago, I discovered Conair's rat comb thingy hairbrush that I do love- I'm not a big teaser but when I got to tease- this does the trick! As for my last favorite, I really enjoyed Chi's Keratin Mist.  It by far does the trick- it gives you thicker, smoother, more radiant hair.  My least favorite this time around was Chi's Shine Infusion- it just could have been better for the price, you know?

What are some hair products you guys use?  Any great recommendations???!!! Any vegan or natural products that are you tie for??? Please comment below!


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  2. Interesting Post ,souds great!
    I use at the moment L´Occitane Hair Products and Khiel´s :)

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡ ,i´m a new Follower :)

  3. thanks for the post, i will have to take a look next time at the store for some of these hair products. i have found a HUGE difference between the difference between using higher end hair products and drugstore ones. i am really curious about the chi products. the teasing comb looks a bit different than the typical ones i have seen as well. maybe will have to pick this up as well!

    <3 rae

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  5. lately i've been using a hair mask and heating oil from moroccanoil. also heard that argan oil (josie maran) is really good for your hair too!

  6. Lovely products. Here at 11&Chic our bloggers use Chi products and they love them. Chi Silk Infusion is also amazing. It keeps your hair very soft and well conditioned. Great work, Keep it up! :)

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