Friday, May 11, 2012



Happy Friday! Here's one of my latest travel posts.  I've seriously been "deprived" or somewhat "uninspired" by my surroundings and I've fallen into this dark phasing moment... maybe I'm just going through my so called "mid life crisis" episodes...I honestly don't even know what I'm looking for and all I know is that I'm in need of some madd inspiration.  I never been to the Natural History Museum so I thought it would definitely be a great place to get some "animalistic" inspiration.

I have to say it was really a different experience and I recommend everyone visiting.  Right now they do have a show going on where you can see and walk into a space full of butterflies but since I didn't purchase my tickets sooner I couldn't see it.  (It would have been insane to have butterflies fly everywhere around you!) Everything at the museum is lifelike and the dinosaurs are truly breathtaking!

Enough with my short episodic rants.
I do hope everyone enjoys a fabulous weekend!


  1. The butterflies exhibit sounds like it would've been an interesting experience - I probably would've been a little bit freaked out as butterflies are really close to moths, which I am terrified of :p I hope you find your inspiration soon, museums are always good places to start though :)

  2. I had a quarter life crisis just a few months ago. It just takes some deep thinking and being honest to yourself about your real goals in life.

  3. Great picks and love geeking out at this museum so much :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo Lindsey
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