Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Happy December! How quick this year has passed....I do hope everyone ends 2012 beautifully, gracefully and positively.

Style Stalker.  In one of my previous posts, I raved about how much I admire Elin Kling.  Another favorite blogger/photographer I absolutely adore was recently featured on The Coveteur: Garance Dore.   I seriously feel like a stalker when I'm on The Coveteur, Sous Style, and The Selby: I love looking into people's homes, I mean it signifies their sense of homeliness, shows their true character and defines who they really are in their own space, their own home.  Well, going back to Garance Dore, I truly think words cannot describe her vision:  her street shots and net-a-porter videos are uniquely captivating.  I also very much adore her illustrations.  With a laid back whimsical style, she adds a lot of character to each of her fashion characters.  Her illustrations can definitely be described as being chic, Parisian, black & white with a dash of color.

Overall, you can spot her at any fashion show: she's always spotted wearing amazing coats carrying lots of cameras :)

For more pictures, visit: http://www.thecoveteur.com/garance_dore

I hope everyone enjoys their first week of December!
A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words - Ansel Adams 


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