Thursday, November 29, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I spent time with the Kim Clan and then a long weekend with my wonderful boyfriend, so I can never be more thankful for my surroundings.  As Christmas is coming closer, I'm beginning to get a little frantic of the Christmas shopping.  I've made my shopping list (and also my wishlist), asked for addresses to DIY some Christmas cards and I'm about to make plans for cozy get togethers.  Did any of you guys start Christmas planning yet? If so, definitely give me some pointers on how to survive the beginnings of Christmas :)

I came across Zara's December lookbook and I was taken away by the simplistic hues of black and white.  Nothing seems more fitting for this winter season.  I mean the coats, leather, simple silhouettes and the accented whites just look fabulous.

Check our their website for more info:

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it-  Confucious 


  1. Ahh Zara A/W 2012 has been absolutely outstanding. I rarely shop zara in previous seasons as nothing really tickled my fancy but im so glad they have a wonderul winter range. I've been eyeing up the cream coat with black leather quilted sleeves - what a beauty of an item! LOL. However on the UK website, they only stock the grey version which is fab too but I prefer cream

    Jenny xoxo

  2. Oh no I was wrong, they do stock cream on UK website whoop whoop! x

  3. The model is super gorgeous, and Zara always has such fashionable but flattering clothing at relatively accessible prices :) I wish there were more shops here, there's only one store in Sydney and I don't think we get the absolute latest stock, unlike other parts of the world.

  4. in looooove with the third outfit!!!


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