Tuesday, November 13, 2012


HEELS.  I'm one of the girls that will never, ever trade in their heels for anything.  I mean I live in heels.  I wear heels to work, out to lunch, out on dates, out to dinner, when I go grocery shopping... I even run in heels around the office.

In rotation- I've been wearing up my Nine West heels as you can see from the picture above, but I've also been wearing in continuation my nudes and snake printed heels.


  1. Gorgeous heels! I love the Steve Madden ones :) I wish I could wear heels properly - I gave up wearing them a long time ago. I can't function in them properly - I guess due to lack of practice! Those Alexander Wang ones are amazing :)

    As for removing glitter polishes - unfortunately I don't have any magic trick! Often, I do enough coats that after a few days, the polish starts to separate from then nail or loosen, and I just peel it off. (Literally, peel off like a sticker.) Otherwise, I have to do the tedious thing and soak, soak, soak and scrub, scrub, scrub in nail polish remover! It's a total pain!

  2. Those heels are beautiful. I've never been much of a shoe girl but I'm trying to change that now. It's clear that I've been missing out greatly.



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