Monday, April 08, 2013


I can't believe we are already in April!! I think my last post was back in time flies right??

I was going through my camera and I thought I'd start from the beginning and share some of this year's earlier moments with you.  As always, Ryan and I love going around Downtown LA to sight see, especially trying out new restaurants and also checking up on the new and upcoming art scenes.  I think these were taken at the end of January when we headed out to Little Tokyo to check out Giant Robot's exhibition before it ended at MOCA.  

The exhibition itself was fairly small, however the Giant Robot miniature figurines were absolutely amazing to see.  With its hypnotic colors and intricate designs, the figurines themselves had their own unique personalities.  It was an exciting moment to see and experience the growth of how Asian American art grew into such a hip sub culture in Downtown Los Angeles.

In addition to enjoying this art exhibition, I recently discovered Giant Robot's pod casts and I immediately fell in love with their interviews.  I especially enjoyed the interview with Lisa Ling and how she talks about finding her identity and owning to it as an Asian American.

If you're ever in Downtown LA, I highly recommend checking out upcoming art shows. It's an intoxicating cultural experience, especially since we live in such a cultural hub full of different types of people with so many mixed backgrounds.  By seeing and feeling various art forms, I do believe you can understand the worldliness of other cultures and really experience how history has evolved over time.

I do have a lot more pictures I want to share, slowly but surely I'll put them out there.  I hope everyone enjoys their week.  Happy Monday!


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